Ross & Cromarty War Memorials


The crews of Sunderlands seems to have varied between nine and twelve, probably depending on the role they were involved in. The above photograph shows ten, presumably taken by the eleventh. They are dressed in KD (khaki drill) which suggests the Middle East. Two Catalinas in the background. See the other 'crew' photograph in 'photos-Sunderland'.

The table below shows a list of one known crew, with their duties; others look similar. At the time Radar was a sensitive subject and crew involvement was a security matter. For this reason no details are known. An example of that sensitivity is shown by the Censor's habit of removing radar antennaes from photographs as in 'Radar' below. The most that has been said is that Wireless Ops did the job, and usually releived each other from the tedium of 'watching a screen'.

Except for the Wing Commander, the ranks are in order of seniority. Note the four gunners at 5, 7, 8, and 9 - who attended to the radio when they were at their stations? Maybe the Captain.

************************** O ***********************

1 Flt Lt Captain Flight planning
Pre-flight checks
Flight Authorisation
2 Wg Cdr 1st Pilot In command of the aircraft
3 F/O 2nd Pilot Deputy as above
4 P/O(Obs) Navigator Plans and checks route.
often monitors armament loading
5 Flt Sgt Flt Mechanic/AG Watches engines, oil etc
6 Flt Sgt Airframe Fitter Looks after all Airframe Systems
including mooring the aircraft
Aslo known as a 'Rigger""
7 Flt Sgt  WEM/AG Wireless & Electrical Mechanic
perhaps involved in Radar
8 Sgt WOp/AG Received and sent messages
perhaps involved in Radar
9 Sgt WOp/AG Perhaps assisted 7) and 8)
10 Sgt Fitter assists No 6)
11 Unknown

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