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The name Applecross is probably derived from the old gaelic name 'Appr Crossan'. The area has a remarkable history, going back nearly 10,000 years (archaeological evidence) to when the Ice Age was receding. As I believe, this is about the same time as the Celts began moving from the Afghan/Indian Borders, on their way here.

Applecross is renowned for the work of St Maolrudha (642-722), born in County Down in Ireland, and related to Niall, the King. He came here about 671 and is credited with spreading Christianity as far as Easter Ross and to Caithness and Sutherland. He also did the same in the Forres area, and as far as Keith. In about 673 he established a Monastry in Applecross which survived until the depradations of the Vikings - nothing now survives. That was probably some years after 790 which is the first record of Viking raids on Scotland.

Map Reference is NG7104 4200 on Sheet 19
The Applecross War Memorial takes the form of a Roll of Honour which is located in the Heritage Centre near the old church. It is, nevertheless, a substantial Monument to those named on it.

The Roll was written in March 1916, and subscribed for by the Applecross School children. The significance of the letters "a, b & c" are not explained, but enquiries are being made. The date, at the foot of the Roll, indicates that the list is incomplete. Work is in progress to remedy this, and also to set up a more substantial Memorial.

There is no Memorial for WWII yet but the Historical Society is involved in both the production of a similar Roll of Honour for WWII, and also a more substantial monument.

There are two parallel Lists

Left-hand List

Anderson, Driver, James RMB
a - Gillanders, Lce Corporal Kenneth, RE
Gordon, Private, John Black Watch
Kennedy, Murdo, Gunner RMB
Kennedy, Driver, Roderick
a - Lucas, Lieut, Leslie 12th HLI
Macgowan, Private, John Scottish Rifles
Macdonald, Farrier Geo D RMB
Macdonald, Gunner, Murdo
Mackenzie, Gunner, Alexr
c - Mackenzie, Gunner Donald
Mackenzie, Corpl Wheeler, John
a - Mackenzie, Pioneer, John 1st Canada Pioneers
a - Mackenzie, Sergeant, Murdo RMB
Mackenzie, Farrier, William RMB
Mackay, Alexander, RFC
Mackinnon, Pte Donald 4th Camerons
Mackinnon, Gunner, William RMB
Maclennan, Corporal Allen
Macleod, Gunner, Duncan RMB
Macleod, Driver, Finlay RMB
MacRae, Bombardier, Duncan RMB
MacRae, Driver, John RMB
a - MacRae, Driver, Kenneth RMB
Murchison, Driver, Kenneth RMB
a - Murchison, Capt John K RAMC
a - Murchison, Lieut Murdo 8th Camerons
Macdonald, Gunner, John RMB
Matheson, Pte Roderick Seaforths
a - Macrae, Pte Jack Seaforths
Mackenzie, Pte Malcolm Seaforths
MacBeath, Gunner, Murdo RGA

Right-hand List

Beaton, Seaman Angus RNR
Beaton, Seaman Norman RNR
Gordon, Seaman Colin RNR
Gordon, Seaman George RNR
a - MacDonald, Seaman George RNR
MacDonald, Gunner Murdo RNR
MacLean, Seaman Kenneth RNR
Macpherson, Seaman Duncan RNR
Finlayson, Seaman Angus RNR
Gillanders, Seaman Duncan RNR
MacBeath, Seaman John RNR
Macrae, Seaman Kenneth RNR
Livingstone, Seaman Duncan Transport Service
Macdonald, Capt Kenneth Transport Service
Murchison, 2nd Officer Rodk Transport Service
Murchison, 1st Officer William Transport Service
MacLeod, Gunner Kenneth RGA
MacDonald, Pte Thomas Australian
Morrison, Gunner John Canadian
MacKenzie, Gunner Alexr RMB
b - Macpherson, Pte Alexr Cameroons
Macpherson, Seaman, Murdo RNR
Livingstone, John New Zealander
MacLean, Finlay RE
b - Gillies, Kenneth New Zealander
MacBeath, Seaman Hector RNR
Gillanders, Seaman Alexr RNR

End of Lists

____________ . ____________

Under both Lists is the statement:

14.3.16 This Roll was subscribed for by the children of Applecross School (Thos M McDonald Headmaster)
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