Ross & Cromarty War Memorials


12th Submarine Flotilla - Chariots

Chariots were part of Kylesku's operation because that is stated on the Memorial. Many on that list are identifird as 'charioteers' on the web-site below which also includes some 'charioteer' actions from Kylesku. The picture above shows a chariot in action and there are more photographs in 'Picture Gallery'.

Essential to the origin of the chariot was a British Patent of 1909 for a 'manned torpedo'. The War Office rejected it as impractical and dangerous; the link below has more. But the Italians did not agree so they developed the idea, in WW2, as the 'human torpedo'. They sank two British battleships in Alexandria that way;. Britain and Germany then copied the device.

The full story, including the actions of chariots, and much more, is available on this link.

Once again, Wikipedia provides an excellent history at their site.

At the foot of the Wikipedia page are references to the Underwater Trust - all worth looking at.

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