Ross & Cromarty War Memorials



The U-boat menace had caused the government to suspend the import of timber in favour of food and other more urgent goods. Three countries came to the rescue, Canada, Honduras, and Newfoundland, then not part of Canada until 1949.

There were two 'Lumber Camps' in the Rosemarkie area on tree-felling, staffed and run by the Newfoundland Timber Corps. This was a civilian organisation whilst some other major camps of the same type, were run by the Canadian Timber Corps, a military organisation. The picture above is not of Rosemarkie One (RO) or Rosemarkie Two (RT), although they were probably similar.

As one would expect, these camps were self-sufficient to a large extent, providing all the timber processing activity required to produce the products in which the Camp specialised. There were often two or more saw-mills, a maintenance workshop, canteen, dining hall and sleeping accomodation for the workers.

See Muir of Ord More Info for more on other camps and organisations.


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