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ISLE of LEWIS - More Info

Names are recorded on as a series of regimental tablets which were originally on display in the Tower, and could be read as one walked up the interior steps. The iron stairway became unsafe when eroded by water. The tablets ere then removed and mounted on stones set to resemble a 'standing stone circle'. How very appropriate!

The view of Stornoway, from the tower, isspectacular. Originally, the design specification for the Tower, required that it be seen from all four parishes of Lewis. It follows, therefore, that the Tower can be seen from all districts in the town.

NOTE: the Tower has been closed for over 30 years because the internal iron staircase is unsafe, due to corrosion.

There are a number of worth-while sites for variuos purposes - click on any one for access:

HMY Iolaire   For names of those who were drowned, where they came from, their Rank, Service, Ship/Base, drownwn(where interred), Father, Mother, and Wife. A very thorough and commendable compilation by Malcolm Macdonald of Stornoway Historical Society.


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