Ross & Cromarty War Memorials

MARYBURGH - Brahan Seer

Uig, and the Fairy Glen, said to be where Coinneach Odhar (the Brahan Seer) was born.

The Brahan Seer - a Brief Account

The Brahan Seer is a very important, legendary character in this area's history. The story came to light in Pennants "Stories of Scotland", in 1768.

Coineach Odhar was born in Uig, in the Western Isles in the second half of the 1500s. The 'Odhar' means sallow, and he was blind in one eye. His story began, it is said, when he fell asleep on a 'fairy hillock' and woke up to find a blue stne in his pocket; it had a hole in its middle. When he looked through the hole he realised he could see inti the future - and that is how it all began., with a hole in the middlaand came to Brahan Estate to work as a labourer. He is variously described as Scotland;s Nostradamus, a Prphet, bot usually as a 'Seer'. It seems there were others with the same gift, but not the same fame. That, by which the Seer has survived is probaly mainly due to his ?? with Lady MacKenzie who eventually had him 'burned at the stake', a fate usually applied to witches.

Brahan Seer prophecied lots of events that did actually came true. The full story of his prophesies is quite extensive and may be accessed by clicking here

Meantime here are some of the best known - seven for good luck.

1:The Battle of Culloden which he proclaimed as Oh! Drumossie, thy bleak moor shall... be "stained with the best blood of the Highlands". It is remarkable that these words many years before the armies of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Duke of Cumberland met at Drumossie.

2: Northsea Oil which was proclaimed as "Horrid black rains will cause havoc in the Highlands."

3: A notable prophesy was 'The Fall of the House of Seaforth'. Every grim detail was predicted.

4:The time will come when full-rigged ships will be seen sailing eastwards and westwards by the back of Tomnahurich, near Inverness. The Caledonian Canal was completed in 1822. 

5: When there were five bridges over the River Ness, a plague would strike. There were four bridges over the Ness when I was ??. Another bridge was to be built, but first they demolished ??.

6: Another example of official regarding his prophesies is that of The Eagle Stone at Strathpeffer, The Seer predicted that when the EEagle Stone fell over three times a flod would occurr and ships would come up as far as Strathpeffer. The Stone fell over twice so the authorities had it embedded in concrete.



The monument erected at Chanery Point where the Brahan Seer was 'burned at the stake'.

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