Ross & Cromarty War Memorials

MARYBURGH - Even More Info


The Neapolitan Bull Mastiff is a truly remarkable dog and I believe that it was part of The Dog Men saga. It is an ancient breed, developed originally as a fighting dog, and probably featured a lot in Roman spectacle. This breeding has made them highly tolerant of pain and they will defend their owner with their lives.

The Wiki tells us that it is a big, strong dog measuring 26-31 inches or 66-79cm in height, and weighing 130-155lbs or 60-70Kg. They say it is fearless and extremely protective of its associated family. This has been known to cause problems with small children and their friends. Paradoxically, it is extremely intelligent but with a tendency to act independently. They do not accept strangers readily and need early socialisation to do so.

In other words - they were ideal for The Dog Men.

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