Ross & Cromarty War Memorials


MUIR OF ORD - Lumber Jills

This magnificent statue was unveiled in October 2007 at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Aberfoyle (see Acknowledgements for attribution). There seems to be two versions of the status of the Womens Timber Corps (WTC), set up by the Forestry Commission to replace men lost to military service. The other version places the LumberJills in the Women's Land Army Timber Corps (WLATC). That organisation (WLATC) comprised nearly 5,000 and did sterling work on an equal basis with their men-folk. Training, it seems, was a two-week affair at Shandford Lodge, Brechin, in Angus. No evidence has been found of either WTC or WLATC involvement in Ross-shire, although there were about a 1,000 of them somewhere in 'North Scotland'; Inverness, Moray and Argyle, probably.

Timber was a vital commodity in both WW1 and WW2, and WTC was involved in WW2 whereas the two male organisations were active in both. An extract from the WTC web-site puts all of this in perspective.

"A female forester was expected to wield a six pound axe, and produce enough timber to supply timber for pit props for the mines, telegraph poles, road blocks, ships masts, railway sleepers, gun mats, mobile tracking to support tanks, ladders, newsprint and even crosses for soldiers graves."

An account of its utility can be found in the Appendix as "Why Timber was Important"

WTC has an excellent web-site at and is worth a visit. It shows their badge and details of dress, together with pictures and other interesting menu-selected things.


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