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MUIR OF ORD - Lumber Jacks

It has been said that Muir of Ord was something of a 'frontier town' when the lumberjacks from nearby camps were there on a Saturday night. The town was also a rail loading point for the despatch of timber. These camps were mainly Canadian Lumber Corps (CLC), a military organisation, as the picture above shows. There seems to be no pictures of CLC camps. probably because they were military and cameras were ??. However, some idea can be got from the 'Fortrose & Rosemarkie More Info' page where there is a photo of a Newfoundland Timber Corps Camp.

CLC operated from 1939 - 1945, numbered about 3,500 in Scotland in 71 camps, and had its HQ in Edinburgh. The other major organisation was the civilian Newfoundland Timber Corp. See 'Fortrose & Rosemarkie More Info' for details of it. A third organisation in timber work was the Honduran Timber Corps about which nothing is known. There was yet another, little known, organisation in tree-felling, the Women's Land Army Timber Corps. Access their page via the Navigation Bar below.

In Ross-shire, some of the camps referred to above were at Fairburn, Strathconon, Urray, and Kiltarlity. The biggest camp was on the Black Isle at Bog of Shannon Farm, Rosehaugh.

'Why was Timber Important?' - see Appendix for an explanation.


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