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The area can claim a link with military aviation dating back to 1913, probably dating back to when the War Office (popularly known as the 'War Box' at the time, was looking at Invergordon. Then between the wars a bombing range was constructed. In September 1941 it became a Fighter Sector Station and a search of WIKIPEDIA with "RAF Tain" will bring up a long list of RAF and Naval Air Squadrons which have been there during WWII.

The area is now operated by DTE (Defence Training Estates) as a bombing range, more specifically as an Air Weapons Range. It has the distinction of being one of only three where live 1,000lb (450Kg) bombs can be dropped. It also had some involvement with a bombing attack on the German battleship Tirpitz when it was at Trondheim, Norway in March 1942. Another significant operation was when Liberators arrived for anti-submarine patrols in the Atlantic. One of it's successes was the sinking of U-boat ???.

For more war-time activites see Alness or Evanton or Invergordon

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