Ross & Cromarty War Memorials

ALNESS - Catalina

Photograph 1 - Lovely picture of a Catalina in flight.

Photograph 2 - Diagram of the aircraft.

Photograph 3 - The normal crew was given as 9 but seems to vary between 6 and 11.
This picture shows the relative size of the Catalina .... what? - no props!.
See Note below for a list of one reported crew.

Photograph 4 - A Catalina has just dropped a Depth Charge.

Photograph 5 - U-boat 570 surrendering. Depth Charges are visible under the aircrft wing.

Photograph 6 - Runway at Alness where aircraft came on land for maintenance.

An unusual picture - they say there are 200 people on the wings - trickery, I think!..

Note on one crew of a Catalina
There were various versions of the Catalina including the PBY-5 and PBN2B-1. A normal crew seems to have been nine, as follows, what any extras did is not known;

3 pilots, or 2 plus a Navigator.
2 Wireless Operators/Air Gunners
1 Air Gunner (in the nose)
2 Flight Mechanics
1 Airframe Mechanic (soemtimes called a Fitter)

The duties of the F/Mechs were concerned with fuel and oil management, fine tuning engine operations during flight, plus raising and lowering wingtip floats).

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