Ross & Cromarty War Memorials


LOVAT SCOUTS- photographs

Left: this may be the most important picture on the whole site because it is the Lovat Scouts in 1914. Some say it includes the King.
Right: The Scouts in their 'ski-troops' role. Most of that training took place in Canada.

The Scouts had a number of major roles. This one showa one of these - sniping.

Top left shows Scouts and a Weasel tracked vehicles, in Canada.
Bottom left: A snow-hole.
Top right: Temporary photo.
Bottom right: Scouts in 'gillie' suits.

Above and below: Two spare frames for contributed photographs

Beloe: The uniform of the Scouts with Lovat tartan kilt,
and a sgian dhu, leather belt and characteristic black and white chequered cap.
The Royal British Legion usually wear that headgear on parades.

  Photographs were obtained from the Radio Nan Gaidheal website (see Nav bar below), together with an excellent and outstanding gaelic/english commentary on the Lovat Scouts.
Click here to hear it.

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